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Ran Online Server Development

Prices are listed per episode:
Please take note that prices may increases as per your configuration requests.
Episode 7 = 7,000 PHP
Episode 9 = 9,000 PHP
Episode 10 = 10,000 PHP
Episode 11 = 12,000 PHP

NOTE: These includes server files, Website / Panel, Gameguard (Very reliable than others as it is self-coded), Free traffic/players and ads to your site.
This does not include:
Hosting VPS/Dedicated Server , Domain / Site Name.

Bugs and misconfigurations are free to be fixed
However updating and maintenance provisioning such as adding items or events should be paid from 300-700 php or more depending on the update.
Changing of schedule of events after the server official up time should also be charged.
Editing Mobs, Items, Skills will be charged.
We can consider teaching you how to do those on your own but in limited support.

Contact us for more info.